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Fees for Staking Cardano

We charge 2 fees related to Cardano Staking:

1. A Staking Pool fee of 1% of ADA profits. No fee if there are no profits.

2. There is a 340 ₳ fee to be divided proportionally by all the delegators of the pool if there is a profit. No fee if there are no profits.

We commit to maintaining our Staking Pool fee as it is, 1%. The 340 ₳ fee is imposed by the Cardano Network Algorithm and it could change in subsequent versions.

How to Stake with Us

Cardano allows you to keep your investment in your wallet while staking rather than losing control of it by transferring it to a Stake Pool address as with Ethereum. Just transfer money to your wallet (Daedalus or Yoroi for example) and choose our pool from delegators pool: ticker LIBRE


Buy your ADAs

We recommend you use reputable marketplaces such as binance.com or kraken.com and transfer them to your wallet


Delegate from your wallet

Open the software of your wallet and delegate your ADAs while keeping them securely in your wallet.

Find us by using our ticker LIBRE

How to Stake with Daedalus

How to Stake with Yoroi



We will only apply a 1% fee on profits. Try a 1 year investment with us and see for yourself.