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Cardano Services

We offer you all services related to ADA/Cardano or its development:

- Staking ADA/Cardano in our Public Stake Pool

- Creating a Private Stake Pool for you

- Cardano GraphQL, Cardano-DB-Sync and Cardano-REST

- Smart contracts

Please get in contact with us for more information: [email protected]

Staking ADA/Cardano in our Stake Pool

Reliable, secure, commited to profit, and only a 1% fee for using top quality technology and expertise


Buy your ADAs

We do not exchange ADA for USD/EUR.

Please use a safe Exchange website if you need to buy ADA such as, or your preferred one.


Delegate from your wallet

Install Daedalus or Yoroi, transfer your ADA from the Exchange website to your Daedalus/Yoroi wallet and delegate to our ticker LIBRE

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Expected Return of Stake (ROS)

Check our historical data of ROS Performance in: or

Cardano GraphQL, Cardano-DB-Sync and Cardano-REST

These addtional services can integrate your app with Cardano Blockchain


Block Explorer solutions


We offer you all the data from Cardano Blockchain as a PostgrestSQL database


Cardano REST provides a set of APIs for interacting with on-chain data through JSON over HTTP

Smart Contract Services

We can help you with your Smart Contracts!

Private Stake Pool

We can create a Private Stake Pool configured with IT Banking Standards/Compliances for you. Send us an email and we will organize a virtual meeting with you.