Staking with Yoroi

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1. Installing Yoroi

Please download latest version of Yoroi from their official webpage: Official Yoroi Wallet and install it in your device. It is compatible with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Android and iOS.

Yoroi is a light wallet for interacting with Cardano Network and it will be synchronizing Cardano Blockchain while Yoroi is running. Then we recommend to use an Internet connection with no data limits.

2. Create a wallet in Yoroi

Open your Yoroi app in your device and proceed to create a new wallet.

First, you will be asked to select a password for opening the app everytime you use it.

Second, a list of 15 words in order will be showed in your screen and you will need to write it down safely.

These 15 words are used to restore your wallet and they are fundamental for your purpose. Please be really careful with this information. We do not recommend to store passwords in digital format.

Finally you will be asked to enter your 15 words as a security measure.

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3. Preparing an address to receive ADA in your Yoroi

You can find section "Receive" in your dashboard of Yoroi with an address for receiving funds linked to your Yoroi wallet.

Yoroi and Cardano allow us to use one address per transaction in order to help privacy and improve security.

This screenshot does not show my list of 20 addresses but it will appear in your Yoroi wallet. Choose an address which was not used before (Yoroi will regenerate your address if you use all of them).

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4. Transfer your ADA to an address of your Yoroi

This process depends on where you store your ADA currently. Maybe in an Exchange? Image attached is an example for a withdrawal in

You will need to transfer ADA to an address of your Yoroi wallet.

Transfer should not take more than some seconds to appear in your Daedalus.

5. Checking the transfer of your ADA to your Yoroi wallet

Time to check that ADA transfer to your Yoroi wallet was successful.

Transfer should not take more than few seconds and you can check it in the dashboard of your Yoroi wallet.

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6. Delegating your wallet to Stake Pool LIBRE

Just search for LIBRE in the list of Stake Pools that appears in your Yoroi and please delegate your wallet to us.

Please read more about parameters to be considered for each Stake Pool. It has a direct impact in your investment.

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7. Double check the delegation from your wallet

Your delegation should be published after few hours in the main Block Explorers webpages and you could check it here: - - delegators or you could also use this other link - - delegators

We recommend you to check from time to time if the Stake Pool you are using for delegation is running OK and earning rewards in order to maximize your investment.

Enjoy Staking Cardano!