This Stake Pool is retired (2021/Feb/14)

What is Staking Cardano

Staking is the delegation of your wallet to a Stake Pool

Staking Cardano is similar to the idea of a traditional savings bank account that generates profits based on a variable interest rate.

Once you have some ADA in your wallet, you can choose to delegate your wallet to a Stake Pool in order to make profit without locking or transferring your ADA from your wallet.

Staking Pools often to charge a percentage (2%) of your profits as a contribution to maintain Stake Pools. We offer a 1% fee.

Our Pool

Our experienced team stake ADA with top performance hardware and architecture.

Maximize your yield with us

Cloud Based Architecture

We run Virtual Private Servers in different datacenters around the world

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Artificial Intelligence

We have developed software with capacity for self-maintenance which achieves 100% service availability

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Our Team

A group of dedicated seasoned specialists happy to help you

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How to Stake ADA/Cardano

Cardano allows you to keep your investment in your wallet while staking rather than losing control of it by transferring it to a Stake Pool address as with Ethereum. Just transfer money to your wallet (using Daedalus for example) and choose our ticker LIBRE from the delegators pool.


Get your ADAs

Most users believe the safest way is to buy ADA in reputable marketplaces such as or and transfer them to your Daedalus or Yoroi wallet


Stake from your wallet

Open the software of your wallet and delegate your ADAs while keeping them securely in your wallet.

Find us by using our ticker LIBRE

How to Stake with Daedalus

How to Stake with Yoroi



No minimum quantity of ADA required and no minimum time commitment. Try a 1 year investment with us and see for yourself

Advantages of Staking ADA/Cardano

We believe that Cardano/ADA is on course to be the highest performer in the cryptocurreny ecosystem. Staking should produce a yearly profit of 3-9% ADA depending on our luck with the Cardano Algorithm.


You retain full control of your wallet even while staking. Staking rewards will be sent directly to your wallet

No Cost for You

You can use our pool for a 1% fee on staking profits. No cost for you if there are no profits

No Contracts

No minimum quantity of ADA required. You can stop delegating your ADA with us whenever you choose with no penalty.

Staking ADA is a very attractive idea for a long term investment and the only disadvantage is the variability of its price as is the case with other cryptocurrencies where you could lose all of your investment.

We strongly recommend that you read more about cryptocurrencies before making any investment.